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Friday, January 12, 2007


Lisa V

The last kid I nursed turns 9 in 2 weeks. I would nurse her and take a picture for freak value, but I can't afford her therapy. Wish I had taken more pictures then.


Yeah. I am so not posting the tandem-nursing- an-infant-and-a-preschooler photo(s). The infant, yes.


PS: I've got pinking shears, a glue gun, and magenta fabric dye should you realize you *must* have the dress.


first? you *must* have that dress. you must prance around your kitchen with naomi in frilly mesh pink dresses. and then i want photos.

i must admit - i have a huge crush on you. you know, since you mentioned it and all.

and you have really hot boobs. i wish i had a nursing toddler so that i could send you a photo. i'll try and come up with something equally inappropriate. suggestions welcome.

love this whole post.


I am ON it.


I have a photo. The babe in question is young but the whole body language screams "as if I care what you think" so I'll be sending it along.


Durn it. I don't know if I have any toddler nursing pics. Hmm.

Also, I still get lots of hits on my boobie pic. Once someone came from your page by way of the search "breastfeeding toddler nut." Bwahahahaha. The demand is there. Show us your (toddler nursing on your) tits!


Oooh, your camisole is "multiway." Sounds very key party.


Ok pictures sent. No one tell my DH ok? He'll sure perverts are going to come kill us now.


I don't have any pictures, but we are still going strong with nursing. My daughter is two years and four months old. Unfortunately, if I want another one, I'm going to have to wean her soon (infertility drugs required). Sigh. I can't even imagine how to go about doing that.

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