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Monday, October 02, 2006


Lisa V

Beautiful. Just beautiful.


pass me the kleenex, willya? that's beautiful.


Aawww. That is the sweetest thing ever. Welcome to big-girlhood, Naomi.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

So beautiful. The bittersweetness that accompanies their milestones is unbelievable sometimes. What a smart and loving way you handled her weaning.

Jo in Utah

I cried when my almost 3 year old weaned himself. Seems a rare occasion when we are both ready to be done. I remember my girlfriend's daughter traded breastfeeding for a bike at four. She never asked to nurse again, but sometimes she would look at her bike and say she didn't want it anymore.


Oh, sob. I know we're not lasting until 4, probably not until 3, and saying goodbye will be oh so bittersweet.

What a little sweet pea. Happy birthday Naomi!


You made me CRY! Oh!


That was such a gentle, sweet weaning story.


You made me cry too! My oldest turned 4 in July and started preschool this fall. Don't you wish you could slow it all down?


Oh.... the goodbye part made me cry. I'm glad it was a tender moment for you two. For us it was just no, no more... and saying no for a couple of days. I'm not implying that you won't have to say a few no's in the days that follow, but I think you did it in a really nice way, I wish I had thought of it, since I decided to stop just a few weeks after Kelvin's 4th birthday anyway.

Happy Birthday, Naomi. You're a big girl now!

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