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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


M. (An Elephant's Gestation)

Your fantasy store sounds great. Put me on your list when you open up!


Oh my holy goodness. It's like we're living parallel lives. This past weekend we drove through the Kentucky countryside, and I have been thinking these same things ever since. My dream, though, is to run a co-op vineyard-winery-b'n'b with a few close friends. Joe thinks it's a dumb hippy dream, and I suppose he would rather we continue living our stupid city lives. Meh. I am so disgusted with my life right now.


I'm now living the country life, well the suburb life. It's better in some ways, not better in others. The climate here is much more harsh, over 100 all summer, very cold in winter. In SF, it was gorgeous all the time. Our backyard has a pool and hot tub, but no grass. I've tilled up a strip on the side of the house where the woodpile and AC live to put in zuchinni and pumpkins and butternuts. Everything else is in pots. Or in the planter over the pool, which is almost inaccessible now LOL, the tomatos are overgrowing the ledge. The house is bigger, Sarah has her own room. We can afford to live here. People are as backwards as I'd dreaded and as forward thinking as city folk. Not the same people of course.

Good luck in your decision making.

If you do open a store, I know someone who has a sling company, ehem.




I used to live in London and we moved out as soon as I got pregnant, back to the UK south coast where I was born. I loved being near the sea when I was young and it has the added bonus of being free to access and exciting and different all-year round.

I am about 2 mins walk from the town's high street which is full of independent shops and I try to buy meat, fruit and veg there rather than the huge supermarket.

I think I go into the main city (10 mins away) about twice a month.

Before kids I was on a very well-paid job. I'd buy whatever I wanted whenever. Sometimes I didn't evne wear what I purchased. We used to throw away mountains of uneated food.

These days we are a lot less better off. I don't often buy stuff for myself and if I do I really think about whether I need it. I don't actually think it's made a significant different to my life! Weirdly, I sort of get off on the frugalness. It's almost a relief not to have to buy the latest stuff.

Take this week for example. My laptop blew up. We moved the imac downstairs and I've been using that for work. My husband was happy to buy a replacement laptop for me as he knows how much I liked the freedom of being able to use it whereever. But now I just think I'll make do with the one computer. It feels wrong to buy another when we have one already.

I can't tell you what a difference in me since children. I've turned from Imelda Marcos-style spending to scrooge!


There is a brick-and-mortar store similar to what you're describing (not so very) near here. The owner also has an online store so it's quite convenient. I can't go into a normal store now without wishing it had what I *really* want.


You're moving? You're looking at D-books?


It sounds like you're feeling positively about all the changes in your life, so I'll refrain from offering much sympathy--but I will say that I'm thinking of you and I hope you weather all of the changes with grace and composure.

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