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Tuesday, June 27, 2006



I know lots of CD'ing moms who use the dryer balls without problems. When downy used to make Downey Advanced, that could be used in small doses to help with stiffness. But they yanked that off the market. I've cut up a dryer sheet into 4ths and thrown a fourth in with the diapers and they came out soft and it wasn't enough to cause buildup.

Vinegar is a great softener, I use it with my hard water, but the water is so differnet everywhere that it makes comparing stuff difficult, yk?


Wow, fascinating stuff. Too bad I didn't get to know you and Jo earlier, or I'd be CD-ing too :)


If you were to recommend something other than wool, what would it be?

Thinking of cd'ing- due in Nov.


ok, so two questions:

1 - do your doublers have padding of cotton/hemp or something absorbant like that and then a piece of microfleece for water resistance? so the cotton would face bum and fleece would face diaper? just wondering from one of your previous diaper posts.

2 - what's the deal with wool soakers? wool is water resistant, right? but what's this all about lanolizing them?

i'm so confused! please help guide me.


If I keep reading you I am going to get talked into trying this... especially after this morning when I was reading old posts with really cool links. I never thought of making my own diapers before, and never heard of knitting soakers... WOW what a concept!


Yeah, I've had to drop the Simple Green too. Weird stink in the cotton and the hemp.

Seventh Generation makes a fabric softener that I LOVE and doesn't seem to cause any problems with the diapers. Makes a big difference too.

I hear you on the wool. I am desperately in need of relanolinization but...then we'd have to use the Dappi pants. Which are okay and all but...yeah.

afrindiemum, read about lanolizing here:http://www.betterforbabies.com/wool_wash_and_care.html


I am coveting that spray lanolin on the page you linked to, Jo.


thank you, thank you!


We use the dryer balls - they do help with softness but I've seen do decrease in drying time. BUT we do have a rather old and inefficient dryer - came with the place we rent. It is certainly possible that they would fare better in a newer machine.

They do beat the tar out of fabric, though. I like them best with tougher fabrics.

laquail lawton

hey thats great

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