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Wednesday, May 10, 2006



Yes, it is very addictive, and I have it now, before the baby is even in my arms! Those hemp diapers look great....yay ebay! I am currently obsessing over wool wraps & covers, though not up to making my own. Yours will be beautiful!


You and Leery Polyp may just get me to try cloth diapering yet! Those are adorable (and so -- of course -- is that beautiful baby!


It's definitely VERY addicting. And buying and selling diapers becomes a hobby.

You should see all the tiny itty bitty preemie size diapers I have ready for bambina in a month or so. They make me squeal to think of the tiny baby bottom that will be going into them!


Hmmm, this looks cool, and makes me sad that it's too late for me (unless I have another baby :D )

I love love love the pictures. She's so chubby, look at those thighs! I'm glad I get to see her tomorrow again :) (and you & Naomi, of course)


Oh those are nice, Just in time for her to start walking and showing them off under a cute dress.


Oh yeah, another addict!


Yeah! Sorry, this is the first time I've been to your site, but I am so thrilled with cloth diapering that I just have to show my support.


Awesome. I so totally would have bought hemp diapers if I could have another child.


They look great. I've recently started cloth diapering too--I didn't expect to love it, but I do!


We CD at night because Nick is a pee machine and CDing gives us more absorbant options. If I get to stay home full time like we're working towards, we'll switch to full time CDing. Until then, sigh, Sesame street. ;)

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