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Saturday, April 29, 2006


Lisa V

I am thinking of you. So thinking of you. I have faith in you, in your writing and your potential. So do others. Grab our faith and use it.


oh hun... we're here for you. i'm worried for you... sending positive thoughts your way. it's okay to seek help.


Thinking of you, and so sorry that things are so hard.

Would it help at all to try to chill out a bit over all these issues? Just focus on the immediate tasks ahead?

Your new baby is very young, and this is such a consuming time for a mother. In quite a short time, things will be easier for you, and a short time after that, they will both be at school.

You are young, and you have a lot of time ahead of you to achieve other things.

You seem so intelligent, and self-aware, and I just have faith that things will work out for you over the longer term.



This, too, will pass, but please don't try to go through it alone.

Holding you in the light.


Kate, I'm glad you've written and that you're aware that you need to express these feelings, that you know you have to "write your way through" this.

You *are* intelligent and bright and your writing reflects that (Andi was telling me the other day that she thinks your writing is really powerful) - I'm sure you know it too, since you do see the possibilities, the bright future that blinds you and pushes you back into grey. What is education, really? Sometimes I do get angry that in order to be considered "somebody" in this society one has to fit in and have a degree to show for it. Profound life experiences, innate talents should be as valued as formal education and you do have those.

Well, what else can I say? I hear you, and I'm here if you need me.


Dear Kateri, I know that maybe you won't be able to really hear this right now but your blog is one of my favourites. I think you write so clearly and deeply about your life. I don't think you're marinating in self-pity, although it's clear that you are struggling with life right now, what with a new baby and being in a painful place with your marriage. Unfortunately I don't have any great advice, but please know that I'm thinking of you and hoping that you can find your way out of this dark place.


Kate - I will be thinking of you and rooting for you here in VA.

Take care of yourself.


I just came out of a lengthy--or at least lengtheir than usual,--depression. It's like having a cold, the only good thing is when it passes and you feel OK again. It's like bad weather than just won't lift. It sucks because it is so hard to control and yet it feels like you should be able to. And having a baby while depressed is a lot like (I imagine) being stuck on a hamster wheel. In fact me and my gerbil have a little too much in common some days. The only cure in my life is getting enough sleep, and keeping moving, til it passes. I hope you have those things going on or can find a way.

skacker mommy

Lots and lots of love. I fight depression every day, and I consider divorce quite often. You can do this. You can build your dreams. Mothers just don't realize how incredibly strong and beautiful and together they are, just by virtue of being mothers. And when you're brave enough to stand up and step out and reach for a better life... I think that's the hardest part, and the rest is just getting used to the change. Transition, even good transition, just ain't easy. Be gentle with yourself. And lots more love!


We know that you can do it.

And you are fundamentally OK the way you are.

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