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Monday, March 27, 2006



Very neat post! I feel sad that I never got the hang of babywearing. At least not with the one sling I own - I was OK with Baby Bjorn, but sadly I didn't have access to the borrowed Bjorn I used with my oldest son when I had the youngest, so he was carried a lot just in my lap/ hip without any carrier... And now it's almost too late (he's a very heavy 22 month old).


I'm impressed, I really really am! I tried slings with both my girls their first three months or so and I wanted so badly for it to work, but it seemed like either they or I were constantly frustrated so I gave it up.

I tried again when I got pregnant with my second. I got a New Native sling and tried to put my then 18 month old in it in a hip carry position and she was having NOTHING of it. I used it for a short time when the baby was young again, but ended up selling both of the ones I had on ebay.

Good for you for sticking with it, I bet your girls love it!


my one is 16 months and still happy in her bjorn, facing outwards - but it is a matter of time with the bjorn now and the only next step i ve been able to find is one of those hiking steelframe backpacks. which she likes but it feels a bit like overkill when we are just around the house. any advice?

Kristin H.

Yay, very timely post for me, I am so in the market for a sling! I've gone back to your other post about this quite a few times. Sadly, right now, it appears Hotslings only has one fleece one in my size, and its purple, not what I want! We got a stretch cotton one on ebay for my husband, though, and he's excited to try it out. Also have a Kozy Carrier, but I really want to get a sling for me too for the reasons you mention -- easy breastfeeding in particular!


I never switch shoulders. My friend doesn't either and we wear on opposite sides. It's funny that when you do try and switch after using one shoulder for so long, you feel ackward and icky.


Shameless self promotion. If you like zolos, you should check out the mamamade silk and prints. :) I also love your blog, anyone pushing babywearing is tops in my book. I love the hotslings as well, great prints, good fit, I think it takes a bit to get used to how close they are, but once you get it, the fit is awesome. Here in CA the fleece pouches are just a bit too hot, so the stretch cottons are all I do out here, although I did use a KKAFP in SF during a very foggy summer.

Phantom Scribbler

My oldest wanted to be carried around until well past his second birthday. I wish I'd seen something like this post back then. I always wore my Maya Wrap on the same shoulder, and it has taken YEARS for my body to recover.


Can you recommend a lightweight, very easily adjustable ring sling? I am tiring of the Ergo, my Hotsling is too small, my NoJo is bulky and REALLY hard to adjust. I saw a woman in IKEA the other day with a 2-yr-old in a beautiful ring sling made of very lightweight cotton and I drooled. Then I saw someone else at LLL with a similar sling. I asked where she got it from and she made it herself, but doesn't make slings for other people. So...can you recommend?? Maya Wrap? I looked at the Zolo site but I don't have $80 to spend.

Would LOVE a Q&A on slings. Read your blog faithfully.


Ooh yah, slings! I'd love to hear more from you on them. I've been trying to be good and stick with the sling ezee that I bought but just looking at that zolo makes me want more More MORE. (But sheesh, so expensive) I get kind of fed up with all the padding mine has. Plus it's rather difficult to loosen it. I've seen folks with mayas and they seem pretty versatile. I wonder though if I'd be much more uncomfortable without padding. My guy is in that in between stage you mentioned. (Just a few days difference between him and your Miriam) :)
It is universally accepted that the zolos are great?


Kateri, I sewed a pouch sling to give to a friend, but the pattern didn't have any sizing instructions, and I think it ended up huuuuuge. Would you be willing to measure your Hotsling and tell me how big it is? I'm wondeirng if I'm a few inches off, or half a yard off. I've never worn a Hotsing, so don't have any idea what the sizing should be.

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