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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Kristin H.

Ha, yes, I have heard of this too, and I do think I experienced it to a degree in the past year! LOTS of self-reflection, questioning, dealing with who I am and what I want to be, etc,etc etc. Wierd stuff, for sure, but interesting.


Oh yes. I just did the same search (though for me it was when I turned 30. Maybe I'm a late bloomer). I'm not a big astrology person, but I have to say I believe in Saturn returns. I've been told it does eventually come to an end...


Um. Wow.

I'm 28, a libra, born 10/2/77. And, this makes so much sense to me. I need some perseverence now. Um. And, I'm moving to a different state, leaving my job, trying to do what I need to, not knowing if I will have resources, etc. Just kinda going out and winging it at this ripe age of nothingness. Yeah, and the whole harsh and unflattering got that. Must check out the whole site. Oh yeahm, and I deleted my account with a group, and ending many connections which seem to not have helped me a whole lot. Thanks for writing about this in your journal for me. ;)


I'm 28.

Is this why I feel crazy and why I feel lost and reflective and unsure about every little aspect of my life?

Lisa V

I had a friend who was talking about this at our 10 year high school reunion- when we were both 28. She said she had a really "strong Saturn return experience." I just nodded my head and listened, not wanting to appear ignorant. Thanks for cluing me in 14 years later.

Beanie Baby

I was never sure if it was Saturn Return or just, you know, being a mother for the first time--28 was a big year for me. But now I'm turning 31 in a few months--does this mean it's almost over? Oh, hallelujah.

I think I had my first tremor at 25--my friends and I all did, and called it the quarter-life crisis. Only for me, it never really stopped. :p


Delurking to reassure you that I had my Saturn return between about 28 and 30. I felt like I was losing my identity and often felt a litle depressed and anxious but was reluctant (i.e. afraid) of traditional therapy or depression meds... and I combined the emotional growth I did during that time with a lot of physical massage work to break through so many of the stresses I'd spent the first 30 years of my life holding onto. I'm also very lucky that I have a mom who used do astrology readings for a living... and she broke her rule of "counseling" her kids and talked me through my chart and treated me like a client and it was oh so helpful. It was interesting, because she had my husband (and his chart) there, too... and his Saturn return was just beginning about 6 months after mine. (It's not always 28 for everyone). For me it was a bumpy and tumultuous thing... with a lot of issues around my father (as I recall saturn often deals with the father)... but you will get through this. Really.

Try to take it easy on youreself... you've had a rough last 7 years. Gotta love that these cycles come in 7's. I'm probably due for something soon now that I just turned 35...

I do hope things get better for you soon.



Never heard this but it made me laugh so hard. I'm 30 now and happier then ever before. But it were a hard 2 years working through so much stuff that blocked me from being me and being happy..

tuba rabia

Everything written here about being 28 is so true. I am 28, and it is the weirdest period I've ever had. I googled about being 28 and found here. I decided to marry this year and next month is my engagement party. But I am not sure if it is the right thing to do. I seem not to be sure about anything this year, but I feel the urge to make decisions and find out who I really am asap. It is as if like the answers of my questions require a dangerous trip, a quest like the ones in the fairy tales.
Maybe it is about getting panicked about being 30 before actually growing up, about being late. Man, there must be solution to being 28 somewhere!


I turned 28 about a month ago. Last October I broke up with the man I've loved since high school, which was unusual because I've never been one to end any relationship.
Occasionally I experience anxiety and fear. One time it was so bad I stayed up all night because I was afraid I might die in my sleep. I have no reason to feel this way as I am perfectly healthy and there is no family history of brain tumors, heart conditions, or anxiety disorders.
At first I thought it was because of the World situation; the war, and Russia attacking Georgia- the fear of another World War. The fear of an untimely death.
Then I thought it was because I'm an artist, and most artists throughout history have been known to posess an array of mental disorders, and I was afraid that whatever brain chemestry predisposes a person to be artistic may also predispose them to psychological problems.
Since finding out about Saturn Return, everything I've been feeling has started to make some sence; although I don't like it, I have found some comfort in learning the reasoning behind it.
I am glad that I already know myself and what to do with my life, I have known what I wanted for quite some time and I have been in college since 2006 in order to achieve my goals.
I think what bothers me is whether I am going to be successful after College. I am afraid of being too afraid to get back out there in the world. Starting over is tough, I've already had to do it after 7 years in the Air Force.
I just wish the anxiety would go away.

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