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Tuesday, January 24, 2006



this is so random, i know, but on the topic of "boob cake"... for my daughters first birthday, i baked her a cake using my expressed breastmilk in the recipe. (it was fabulous!) i decided right then that when it is time to wean, we will have a "boobie party" featuring my "boobie cake" to properly mark the significance of the event.

just thought id share. great blog, by the way. insightful.


Hi - I just wanted to support your need to wean while tandem nursing. I had the same experience with my 2.5 yr old when #2 was born. I felt like a mamma cat wanting to shake off her kittens (though I had no negative feelings about nursing my second daughter). I found myself doing my labor meditations just to keep from screaming while nursing my older child. After lots of discussions with my AP moms group and some web research (found similar stories reflecting my feelings), I decided to honor my feelings and start to wean the older child. Having decided to nurse on cue because I believed it was a biological imperative for my babies, it also seemed right to honor my own feelings as a biological imperitive - especially after hearing/reading about so many other tandem nursing moms with the same feelings. Of course, I also spoke with many tandem nursing moms with no feelings like mine. But my research did lead me to believe that my feelings were valid - and - if I was so uncomfortable nursing my elder child, surely she was sensing this and what a horrible thing to sense - that mom wanted her OFF OFF OFF! (Sorry for the run on sentance). Anyway - trust yourself. And best of luck. Christina

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