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Monday, November 28, 2005



I was so afraid of having a boy and I can admit to a small twinge of disappointment when I discovered I was having one. But in the last year, it's as if I was never meant to have anything else - that's how perfect it feels. It has healed me in so many ways.


My husband and I were both ambivalent about having a boy, but now we love him to pieces. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!


I was always great at predicting gender for everyone I knew...except me. I thought boy both time. Had 2 girls. Done now.

But I wonder what it would have been like? Even so, my husband and I were both raised with brothers, so this journey into the sister relationship is new and interesting territory :)


I have two boys and one girl and I am so grateful to have both genders represented among my children. Each has it's own challenges and it's own special joys that are unique to that gender.

And even though we all say it to be polite I do mean it when I say whatever you may have I hope and pray for a healthy child for you.


"As this pregnancy is drawing to a close, I am again facing the possibility of having a boy."

Or a girl.

I'm not missing any other possibilities am I?

Sitting here in the cold, wishing the best for ya.



Dh and I had always wanted girls and neither of us really wanted a boy. I'd always imagined having a bunch of girls and wouldn't have cared if I had 6 girls and no boys. And I think it was good that Katie came first. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I was disappointed to find out I was having a boy. I felt horrible about it too, and then more protective of him because of the horribleness of my attitude. Dh was even a little hostile in his attitude towards having a boy baby.

But once Max was born we couldn't imagine anything else. I really love having a boy. I didn't think I would feel as close to a boy, but I feel almost more connected to him. Really it all comes down to the baby's personality. And I've thought to myself how silly it is to be attached to the idea of which sex the baby is (although I've always known that rationally, just never made a difference in my desire for girls lol) and how a baby is just a baby. Girl, boy, both, neither.

And lastly, if your baby is a boy, I think it's important to let yourself mourn the 'loss' of the girl baby you've imagined (at least in my case, as much as I had a strong feeling he was a boy, I still had the attachment to the idea of a girl baby). You won't love a boy any less, and I'm so happy that it wasn't up to us to decide, but nonetheless I had to let go of my ideas about having two little girls and giving Katie a sister to be close to, etc.

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