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Monday, July 18, 2005



Kateri, thanks for starting this conversation. I've been reading here and over at Chez Miscarriage avidly. I have nothing to add, since I have no knowledge or experience of this, but it's been great to learn more. Or learn anything, as the case may be.


What a breath of fresh air to see you admit that part of the attachment to Primal Wound is the idea that you are the center of your daughter's life.

How true!

Everytime I see my daughter, I search for myself in her. I want to see myself to her aqnd I cling to every little morsel of genetic influence.

It was humbling to me to visit a friend and his daughter. His child clung to me the way my own daughter does and I was forced to acknowledge that much of my daughter's fascination with me is about her age not about our blood connection.

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