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Tuesday, March 15, 2005



"So we measure our progress by how little childcare we can get away with doing?"

This is the best line in a wonderful post. I want this on a t-shirt!


Thank you so much for your comment. I'm tickled to think anyone thinks anything I've written is T-shirt worthy ;)


What a fantastic post. It can be annoying receiving 'expert advice' from family/friends when it comes to AP (what I consider natural) style of raising my daughter. She will be two years old in May and is still nursing. I enjoy the special bond that we share. I have received the breastfeeding Nazi comment before and I do not force my beliefs on anyone else. I will give factual information when asked.



after reading her post, all i can say is that she seems to have gotten most of it backwards.

most of the sears books ive read seem pretty accepting of different parenting types, (as well as the issues of breast/bottle, natural/medicated birth, etc.) and not at all the way she describes. While I dont actually "love" dr sears, i appreciate his gentle approach to discipline, birthing practices and infant care.

Noone ever said being a "less-than-natural" mother made you a bad parent. I know plenty of loving perents who chose a traditional style for raising their own children.

I happened to choose a loose AP model to raise my son but that very term means different things to everyone, and I'm not about to tell anyone else that they're doing it wrong simply because they parent differently.

Perhaps her indignity stems from her own guilt, relating to what SHE perceives as her own short-comings? It makes me sad that everything is still a competition in this mothering thing. None of us needs that.


The thing is..the offensive thing to those of us who tried to breastfeed and failed is the phrase "you can breastfeed if you are willing to try".
So here is what I did to try.
33 week twins. I pumped 12x a day. My milk didn't come in for 6 days.
12x a day, pumping for an hour at a time. No joke. Smelling like maple syrup.
You know how much milk I got? 24 ounces. 2 ounces per pump!!
And I saw mothers getting 8 ounces when they pumped and I cried. I did.
My twins ate more than twice that..I was probably able to provide them with a little more than 1/3 of what they needed.
Breastfeeding sessions were a joke. I met with 3 different LCs at least 30 times. And they couldn't make it work. Nursing supplmenters (you know, the boob tube), nipple shields, the works.
NONE of us could make it work.
Then my mom died and my pumping output when to 5 ounces a day. Total. I would pump for an hour and get maybe 2 tablespoons of milk.
Can you breastfeed if you are willing to try? Maybe not.
And it truly hurts me when people say that. Nobody could have tried harder than I did.


And we do use cloth diapers, and wear our babies.
And I don't always shave..but that's just because I'm lazy. :) And I wear pants all the time.


Shevon, don't feel bad because you weren't able to breastfeed. Please don't let a militant make ou upset. You tried so hard and there is MUCH more to mothering than breastfeeding!

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