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Saturday, January 29, 2005



I wish you good luck!


Just a warning about those $.99 tests -- they can have faint second lines show up *after* the waiting period. So if you're the kind of person (like me) prone to pull negative tests out of the trash and hold them up to a sunny window, it can make you crazy. Just read 'em in the time allowed and it'll be fine. But hopefully you won't need them.

Siblings w/out Rivalry is so great -- it helped me before I ever had a second -- in my own sibling relationships. I heart all of their books!!!

Also, per your post above this one -- I'm not a play-mommy at all. Neither was my mom and so I don't feel guilty about it. I will read books, I will sing songs, I will dance around, and I will play a little bit but I don't like to play so my kids are stuck with me. But Noah is incredibly imaginative and self-sufficient and so far Madison will happily entertain herself, too, as long as I am *present.* It's not the playing that they need, I think, it's the audience! (Even if the audience is only half-paying attention because she's also cooking or cleaning or reading a book or commenting on someone's blog.)


I hear you about the cheap tests and their infuriating second lines. I have enough experience now to know to leave them in the bottom of the trashcan lest I drive myself batty.

Thanks for commenting ;)

Cara Fletcher

I know how stresful are these minutes when you are waiting to see if you are pregnant.For good or not I haven't been able to conceive yet and I am trying with some vitamins and ovulation kits.I hope they will hope.

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